Bring in any written offer on a new Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, or Jeep and if we cannot beat your deal we will write you a check for the difference up to $1,000!

The lower offer to sell from another dealer must be presented to the General Sales Manager within three days of offer from the other dealer. Customer must bring in an actual written offer to sell from a New England Dodge, Chrysler, Ram or Jeep authorized dealer. Come in to see us for additional Terms and Conditions.
*Additional Terms and Conditions 
1 - Goss must be able to verify the offer to sell before obligated to "beat" the offer or issue a check pursuant to the Price Protection Guarantee. Goss always reserves the right to "beat" the verified offer and sell / deliver the comparable vehicle rather than issue a check.
2 - The lower offer to sell price must occur within 3 days of offer. Three days means the third day (including weekends) after offer was written, computed by excluding the day of offer and counting the next day as the first day. 
3 - The offered price must be for the same new make, model and year vehicle identically equipped with the same MSRP as the vehicle being compared at Goss by you. The offer (from another dealer) and comparison price (at Goss) for the vehicle shall be determined before the manufacturer or distributor rebates, allowances and/or incentives and the comparison shall not be based on payments, but only price. New Car Price Guarantee excludes trade offers. 
4 - The offered price being used for comparison must be NEW (never registered) and must not be a DEMO or previously damaged vehicle. 
5 - The offer to sell from another dealer must be in writing, signed by a manager or officer of the dealership, (ii) show the dealers name, address, and phone number and the vehicle identification number for the vehicle, (iii) must be for the same make, model and year with the same MSRP equipped exactly as the vehicle compared by you, (iv) the vehicle must be available for immediate delivery (in stock) by the other dealer, (v) you must present the original written offer from the other dealer (not a photocopy). 
6 - Goss reserves the right to end this guarantee at any time.

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