G-CAR Policy

In order to provide the public with less expensive transportation, this vehicle has been selected to be sold "as-is" with just a basic used vehicle inspection. In order to minimize cost to the customer, we have not made any mechanical or cosmetic repairs to this vehicle. All vehicles will be safety checked only and will receive in writing notification of that safety check and any faults found. We can and will provide you with an estimate of recommended work that can be paid for directly between the customer and our service department. We will not add any agreed upon repairs to the selling price.

1)    Prior to going to a wholesale auction, Goss Dodge Chrysler will offer vehicles for sale to the public at bargain prices.

2)    These vehicles will be located in the G-CAR parking lot located behind the recon building with a bottom-line price on the

3)    All vehicles will be sold completely
AS-IS with NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. No repairs will be made on these vehicles. A quarter tank of gas will be put in these vehicles MAX.

4)    Each customer has the opportunity to have these vehicles checked over by their mechanic or service facility prior to

5)    These vehicles will be available for sale for a minimum of 21 days from date of trade in. Dealership will not hold vehicles!
 Payment due in full up front!

6)    A G-CAR inspection must be completed by the Service Department and the results given to the customer prior to

7)    Dealership will initially clean vehicle after trade in date, but no cleaning for delivery will be made after that point.

8)    Do not ask if we will fix something as a condition of sale,
The answer is no.

Goss Dodge Chrysler Inc.
Disclaimer of Warranties.

Please Read

As buyer, you have an obligation to inspect each used vehicle beyond casual observation.

Goss Dodge Chrysler, Inc. provides no warranty except as may be set forth below.  You are waiving your rights to any expressed or implied warranty, including as to the fitness of this vehicle for any purpose, which may apply under state or federal law.  Goss Dodge Chrysler, Inc. provides no warranty as to any part of the engine, transmission, drive train, frame, air/heating systems, sound systems, electrical systems, paints, or tires.  Further, you the Buyer expressly waive any right that the Buyer may have to demand, as against Seller, a rescission or resolution of this sale, or a reduction of the purchase price for any reasons whatsoever.

It is mutually agreed and understood that: (a) Any warranties, expressed or implied, on the products sold are those made by the manufacturer, (b) Goss Dodge Chrysler, Inc. makes no warranties, expressed or implied and there is no service contract between Goss Dodge Chrysler, Inc. and you, the Buyer, (c) Goss Dodge Chrysler, Inc. and you expressly disclaim all warranties, expressed, implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability for fitness for a particular purpose. Goss Dodge Chrysler, Inc. neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sale of said product.

It is mutually specifically understood and agreed between Goss Dodge Chrysler, Inc. and you, the Buyer, that this sale is made without any warranty whatsoever, expressed or implied, except as to title.

This vehicle is sold with no guarantee: This sale is a sale of a used vehicle and is made without any warranties whatsoever.  You hereby release the seller of all warranties or representations, either expressed or implied whatsoever, unless otherwise specified in writing.

No exceptions.