Meet Our Sales Team

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  • Brian Hoar
    Vice President / General Manager

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  • Brad Shedd
    Accounting and Office Manager

    Brad began his career in the automotive business when he joined Goss in 2015.  Previously working in the service industry, Brad has over 30 years of experience in accounting and management positions.

    He is a native Vermonter who grew up in Fairfax.  He now lives in Essex Junction with his wife and two boys.

    Brad is a car enthusiast and an avid Formula 1 Racing fan.  He also loves basketball and football.  He is active in his community by coaching basketball to kids of all ages.

  • Vickie Lavalee
    Administrative Assistant

    Vickie started her long tenure at Goss Dodge working part-time as an office administrator in March of 1985.  Roughly 1 year later she accepted a full-time position in the same role.

    She is a self-described Disney-addict who makes at least two 40-hour round-trip drives to Disney World every year with her husband, Gary, and their two cats loaded up in their Ram.

  • Judy Dubois
    Administrative Assistant

    Judy joined the Goss team in 2013 and has cemented herself as an indispensable beacon of information in our office.  When she's not calling corporate offices to verify rebates for our customers, she's calling one of the many DMVs through the country to fix registration concerns.  When she gets a break from the real work she fills the rest of her hours under the Goss roof fabricating a plan to continue the ever-evolving prank war against the sales team.

    She was born in New York and her family moved her to Vermont when she was 5 years old.  She married her husband in 1989.  Outside of work she spends her time with her grandchildren, her husband, and her dogs, Finn & Snoopy.

  • Cassidy Maglaris
    Administrative Assistant

    Cassidy started in her position at Goss in 2016.  Before working here she was a student with a wide range of interests.  She studied English Literature & Writing at Lyndon State College, then moved on to study in Liberal Studies and Photojournalism.  Finally, she finished her secondary education stint studying Photography at Burlington College.

    She enjoys photography and being outdoors, but her work passion is finding new and creative ways to annoy Judy or her other coworkers in the office.

    She lives in Hinesburg with her boyfriend, Jon, and their cat.

  • Deborah Averill
    Administrative Assistant

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  • Rebecca Fluck
    Administrative Assistant

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  • Lily Kassen
    Administrative Assistant

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  • Kaylee Hayes
    Customer Service Assistant

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  • Greg Fuller
    Sales Director

    Greg started his career in the automotive business in 1990. He first sold cars and immediately fell in love with it. He has been the General Sales Manager at Goss since 2006.

    He is a native Vermonter, growing up in Derby, VT before going to college and moving to the Burlington area. He has two grown boys and currently three grandchildren that are the love of his life.

  • Brian Allard
    Sales Manager

    Brian is a Native Vermonter who graduated from UVM.  He currently lives in Colchester with his wife and 2 children. 

    He has been in the Automotive business since 2002 and started his career at Goss Dodge in 2012.  Outside of work his passions are cooking, traveling to tropical places and all things sports. 

    Being a Yankee fan in Red Sox country makes things interesting!  

  • Peter Abare
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

    Pete has been our Pre-Owned Sales Manager since 2003.

    He enjoys traveling to the auctions and the ever-changing used car market. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his two daughters camping or out on the lake.

  • Vince Dober
    Internet Sales Manager

    Vince started his career at Goss Dodge Chrysler in January of 2010.  He worked as a sales consultant for almost 9 years before moving into his current role as our Internet Sales Manager at the end of 2018. He's been a technology enthusiast and car enthusiast for the majority of his life which has made working in the auto industry a great fit for him.

    He was born in Fort Worth, TX in a military family and was eventually settled in Vermont at a young age. As a Vermont import, Vince enjoys the outdoors, specifically hiking his favorite mountain, Camels Hump. In the past few years he has taken his hiking up a bit with his regular involvement in Spartan Races and other Mud Runs.

    Vince has a daughter named Jordan, and is an avid football fan. It's not uncommon to hear a "Go Steelers!" come from him!

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  • Steve Sholes
    Sales Consultant

    In May of 1988, Steve was standing in the Goss showroom waiting to be interviewed for a sales position.  He observed a salesman helping a young couple with the purchase of a new car.  While watching the salesman he couldn't ignore that there was no "smoke and mirrors" sales pitch.  The salesman answered all of their questions and treated the couple with nothing but respect.  When the salesman presented the keys for the couple's new car to them the young lady was so excited that hugged him and told him how lucky she felt that he was their salesperson.

    That memory stuck with Steve and to this day he tries to make all of his customers feel the same way that couple felt so many years ago.

    Prior to his long tenure with Goss Dodge he worked for 10 years as a Food and Beverage Manager at Smugglers Notch  Resort.

    Steve's hobbies include boating, camping, and golf.

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  • Wayne Brown
    Sales Consultant

    Wayne has been selling cars here at Goss since 2002. Previous to that, he worked for General Electric for 22 years. He likes spending time fishing, boating, and spending time with his family.

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  • John Meunier
    Sales Consultant

    John grew up here locally in Colchester before joining the Army, going to college in Westfield, MA and returning home to be close to his family.  Since returning home he again met his high school sweetheart, Stephanie, and the two were eventually married.  He is also blessed with two beautifully daughters, one who is currently attending Simons College in Boston, the other lives with her husband in Middlebury.

    John has been in the automobile industry since 2013 and joined Goss sales team in 2014.  He enjoys helping his customers meet their vehicle needs, ranging from fun muscle cars to trucks meant for towing or business or to family-friendly vehicles for toting kids around. 

    When not at work he enjoys gardening, grilling, fishing and many other outdoor activities (when Vermont's ever-changing weather permits).  He enjoys watching his beloved Red Sox as well as football where he usually ends up donating to his fantasy football friends.

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  • Noel Liddy
    Sales Consultant

    Noel joined the Goss team in 2017 and was born and raised in central NY.  He moved to Vermont in 2011 and is currently living in South Burlington.

    Noel has worked in sales since 2011 and has a diverse background that includes working as a radio personality, a nightclub DJ, a sales consultant, playground sales and installation, and the banking industry. He has also enjoyed working in many different parts of the country including New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Boston, and of course Vermont.

    In his free time, Noel enjoys spending time with his long-term girlfriend and daughter, DJ-ing, music production, cooking, and watching a lot of baseball.  Go Mets!

  • Jeremy Asarese
    Sales Consultant

    Jeremy was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and relocated to Vermont in 1998 where he met and married his beautiful wife Rebecca.  He is an extremely proud father of a daughter and son plus two very spoiled boxer-mix dogs who keep him on his toes.

    Having more than 20 years of sales and management experience coupled with a passion for cars and technology he has found his niche here at Goss helping customers with their automotive needs.

    In his spare time he enjoys skiing, boating, bonfires in the backyard with family and friends and is a self-described "remodelaholic". 

  • Tyler Cormier
    Sales Consultant

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  • Jason Veronneau
    Sales Consultant

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  • Derek Lamotte
    Sales Consultant

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  • Kazmin Thibault
    Sales Manager

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  • Patrick Shanahan
    Sales Manager

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  • Josh Campagna
    Inventory Manager

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  • Scott Constantine
    Sales Consultant

    Scott is a native Vermonter, growing up right here in Burlington!  He is a Champlain College graduate with a degree in Business.

    Scott started his automotive career in 2006 and has been a Master Certified Jeep Consultant since 2014.

    Scott currently resides in Essex Junction.  In his free time, he enjoys music, sports, and spending time with friends and family.

  • Eric Karandy
    Sales Consultant

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  • Brett Gaskill
    Sales Consultant

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  • Jedman Snow
    Sales Consultant

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  • Jay Katon
    Sales Consultant

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  • Lee Priddy
    BusinessLINK Account Manager

    People refer to me as the Crazy Texan.  It started with a radio advertisement that fit so well that it stuck.  I get things moving faster than a tornado in a trailer park (for those of you that think that may be offensive,  I grew up in a mobile home in Texas and ran when there was even a whisper of a tornado).  I've been in auto sales since 2008 focusing on my customer's needs….NOT my paycheck.  The way I look at it…I want to make sure my customers are happy in the long run. 

    Most importantly, I must also keep my most important customers happy… my lovely wife and my little man!  I love to camp with our friends from Church and fish for whatever is biting! 

    Before I was in sales, I grew up in the concrete pumping industry where I constantly was solving problems getting concrete from one place to another.  I have taken my knowledge of commercial vehicles from that industry and applied it to my current position as Commercial Manager here at Goss Dodge.  If you have a need for a vehicle, I will help you get the right one for the job!

    I try to work by appointment as much as possible since I am constantly working with customers at their location as their fleet manager.  Give me a call and we can set up a time to meet at (802)839-6587.  Most times, I can even come to you!

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  • Denny Johnson
    Commercial Sales Consultant

    Denny joined the commercial sales team at Goss in 2016. Prior to that he was in the vending industry for 27 years and held various positions including sales.

    Denny is married to his beautiful wife of 20 years and together they have three great children.

    He loves spending time with his family and fishing on the weekends.  He also has a passion for cars and motorcycle and has been an avid sports fan for his entire life.

  • Daniel Fortin
    Commercial Sales Consultant

    Dan grew up a local farm boy in Franklin County, VT. He loves to play, coach and watch hockey. He also loves to hunt and fish.  Recently he has taken an extra liking to kayak fishing. If he comes home from kayak fishing with water spots on his sunglasses, it's been a good day.

    In 2018 he made his longtime girlfriend, Sarah, his wife.  Dan also has a Border Collie named Gunnar and two nieces that he loves to spoil.

    He joined the Goss family in October of 2016. Prior to car sales, he worked as a farm seeds salesman, an AI technician, and was a general manager on one of our local dairy farms.

  • Ryan Wobby
    Service Manager

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  • Mike Wright
    Fixed Operations Director

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  • Emily Patterson
    Service Advisor

    Emily started at Goss in 2014 as a service advisor and quickly earned a great reputation for her customer service.  She's a lifelong Vermonter and went to Lyndon State College where she majored in Business Management.

    She's been a New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox fan for as long as she can remember.  She currently lives in St. Albans with her husband, David, their daughter, Miley, and their chocolate lab, Elsa.

    When she gets free time away from Goss she likes to pack up the family and vacation to Cape Cod or head to Barton, Vt to take in the peace and quiet at their family camp.

  • Jessica Hokenberg
    Service Advisor

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  • Tiffany Ford
    Service Advisor

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  • Delsa Meehan
    Service Advisor

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  • Dylan Leggett
    Service Advisor

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  • Mark Ploof Sr
    Parts Manager

    Mark started his career in the automotive industry as a technician in 1975.  Eight years later he transitioned from technician to Parts Manager.  In 1989 he answered an opening at Goss Dodge as our Parts Manager and he's been here ever since.

    He grew up locally in Burlington, then settled in Colchester where he still resides with his wife.  He's been a volunteer firefighter since the mid 90's.  He has two adult sons who have blessed him with three grandchildren.

  • Eric Steel
    Jeep Parts Manager

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  • Chip Wheeler
    Assistant Parts Manager

    Chip started working at Goss full-time in March of 1985.  He is currently our longest tenured employee at the dealership.  He started in the vehicle reconditioning department until a Parts Advisor position opened up two years later.  He took the position as a Parts Advisor and remained in that role until 2011 when he accepted the added responsibility of Assistant Parts Manager.

    In his free time he likes to buy, sell, collect, and research die-cast model trains.

  • Karl Osha
    Parts Advisor

    Karl has been in the automotive and racing industry since 1976.  He started at Goss Dodge in 2005 as a Parts Advisor and has been here ever since.

    Over the summer Karl likes to spend his free time relaxing and cooking over an open flame on campsites throughout Vermont. During the winter months, he likes to tear up dance floors all over town with his wife.  He has an adult son and daughter as well as three grandchildren.

  • Mark Ploof Jr
    Wholesale Accounts Parts Advisor

    Thanks to his father's long tenure with Goss, Mark Jr has been involved with the Goss Dodge family since he was only 9 years old.  He quickly found passion in the automotive industry.

    He has worked in Customer Service since 1998 and found focus in the automotive parts field in 2005.  He has worked full time for Goss Dodge since 2013 handling Parts inquiries for our Wholesale Accounts.

    He has a love for muscle cars and has owned two Trans Ams.  He grew up in Colchester where he attended Colchester High School and Essex Technical Center.

    When he's not at work he stays very busy on all sorts of adventures with his two daughters.

  • Kyle Sebert
    Jeep Parts Advisor

    Kyle previously worked in retail management for several years before deciding to follow his passion for cars and start his automotive career in 2018.  Before that, he attended Clinton Community College for Computer Information Systems.

    He moved to Vermont from New York in 2017 after falling in love with everything Vermont had to offer.  He loves to travel to new places whenever he's presented with the opportunity.  When not traveling, he likes to hike the local trails and relax hours away at the lake.

  • Jeffrey Smith
    Body Shop Manager

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  • Greg Babiarz
    Body Shop Estimator

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  • Sopath Lewis
    Autobody Consultant

    Sopath began her career in the automotive industry when she joined Goss in 2016.  Before Goss, she was the Store Manager for a Dunkin' store that consistently ranked #1 in customer service throughout Vermont.  With over 15 years in customer service and over 10 years in management, working with people is what she was born to do.

    She's a native Vermonter who grew up in Burlington.  She lives with her husband, Troy, and two kids, Teeghan and Gabbriella, in Colchester.

    When not working, she loves to cook Cambodian food, spend time with family and friends, or take the kids out on adventures.

  • Todd Tarte
    Business Manager

    Todd started as a car salesman in September of 1993 for Paquin Motors. He moved to the Goss family in December of 2004 as a Finance Manager and has been here in that role since then.

    He has three wonderful children and has been blessed with 2 granddaughters. He is married to his beautiful companion and lovely wife, Carrie.

    In his personal life when not spending time with his family, he plays baseball in Williston and pickup football games to keep active and competitive. He is a lifelong die-hard Red Sox and Patriots fan. He graduated from Winooski High School and has maintained a close friendship with several of his classmates.

  • Kyle Becker
    Business Manager

    Kyle has been in the auto industry since 2005 as a Sales Consultant, Finance Manager and General Sales Manager. Before that, he attended Champlain College where he received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

    When he's not at work he spends his spare time with his beautiful wife, Lisa, and their precious son, Quentin. He enjoys every sport known to man, extending that passion over to fantasy football and baseball.

    His favorite thing about the auto industry is meeting new, exciting people and helping them find their perfect vehicle!

  • Jeff Hall
    Finance Manager

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