"Last week, I was lucky enough to purchase my first vehicle through Goss Dodge. I was nervous and didn't really know what to expect from the whole process. Fortunately for me, I was able to work with Vince Dober. With his laid back and personable demeanor, I felt really comfortable talking to him about what I wanted. We had exchanged a few emails before we met, so when I first arrived at Goss, he had already picked out two cars for me. They were both nice cars, but they weren't quite "me". However, after we talked a bit more, he was able to pick out exactly what I wanted. It was a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. It was everything that I was looking for - the price, the size, the warranty, the features. Once I had made my final decision, I was surprised how easily everything fell into place. Both Vince and Kyle Becker, who helped the the financial part, made the process seamless and easy. I was approved for a loan the day after I viewed the car. They set me up with all of the paperwork and information on warranties and loans. It was a lot to take in all at once, but they explained everything clearly. It was almost too easy! I would recommend Goss Dodge and Vince Dober to anybody looking to purchase a new car."

- JordanLynn11

We were very impressed on how smoothly the transaction went. We were able to do everything online and then come in and sign the paperwork and drive away with our new truck."

- Fishx4

We purchased a Certified Pre-Owned Dodge Journey from Goss. This is our 2nd purchase with Goss and we couldn't be happier. We worked with Vince Dober and he is the best. I am very happy with my Journey. I recommend Goss to anyone in the market for a new vehicle."

- Hope Waterfield

"Buying a new/used vehicle was made very easy my salemen (Vince Dober). He was very helpful throughout the entire process and actually continues to randomly check in on me to ask how the vehicle is doing. I utilized the online application and must say, it was seemless. Being a father of two with a changing work schedule, I really needed to be able to utilize this process. Needless to say, besides a few emails back and forth, I spent a total time of about 30 minutes at the actual dealership. Test driving and signing paperwork and that was it. Oh yea and I enjoyed banging the gong after I made my purchase. Job well done by Goss Dodge and team! And a big thanks to Vince Dober!!!"

- Michael Morse

"I have known the folks at Goss Dodge for quite sometime however I have been a Ford owner for my last 5 vehicles. While looking at my options for a new car, I decided to reach out to the folks at Goss who have been more than helpful in the past to try and get a sale from me. It is their level of service that I appreciate and respect in a dealership. I know that it starts from the top and at Goss the owners have run this dealership since the late 70's. This was the second time that Vince Dober worked on selling a car to me. Previously he was working on a vehicle/deal that just didn't fit- no fault of his. When I came to the dealership this time, the sales manager, Greg Fuller, who was already starting to put together some numbers for me, had me work with Vince again. Glad he did! I had forgotten how knowledgeable Vince was with EVERY model and option (it was fun just testing this on him). What stood out most though was his patience as I was not sold on the Chrysler line having been a Blue Oval driver for so many years. Vince took it all in stride and never assumed or asked for the sale. How REFRESHING! Instead he continued to show off the features and performance of the various models and all the while remembered upon each visit what features I looked for most in a vehicle and had those models waiting up front upon my arrival to test drive. Greg Fuller was helpful in many ways as well and his coaching skills most apparent to his sales staff. Where I really appreciated Greg's advice was on leasing vs. buying as I had never leased before. Greg weighed out how often I like to trade in vehicles and averaged out my annual mileage with my sales job and went to work on the options that worked best in my favor. I know its a numbers game when it comes to buying or leasing a vehicle, however I did not feel that from the folks at Goss Dodge Chrysler and have already recommended them to friends. Respectfully Tim Kavanagh"

"Coming to Goss Auto was the best thing we could have done in purchasing a used car. They are very professional and very forthcoming with all information regarding the car, good and bad. So very easy to talk and work with and was extremely glad that we made the decision to come to Goss. Vince Dober our sales person did an excellent job in showing us the car, telling us all of the ups and downs to it and encouraging us to take it to our own mechanic before we bought it. Our mechanic says the car is in excellent condition and we are very happy with our total experience at Goss. Great job Vince! You were very professional and kind and also very understanding and helpful with the kids! Cudos to you Vince! We will not think twice about coming to Goss and you for our next car."

- Ashley and Joanne

"Thank you Goss Dodge Chrysler, and Vince for helping me get into a more affordable vehicle, the transition was very friendly and professional at the same time, I love my new vehicle."

- Vicki Cyr Adams

"Very pleased with the overall experience. Vince Dober was very professional and knowledgeable in the areas that were needed to help me with my purchase. I will be a returning customer and would and will recommend Vince Dober plus his dealership to others."

- Todd Maxwell